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Feb 23, 2013 6:00am EST
moree -33 thaa $30 million frrm the u.s. postal ervice based oontheir contractuaa promise tooplay fair and abideeby the rrles." settlement discussions -3 betwwen the twoosidesswere but armstrong's llwyers sayy.. the ttlks failed because thee disagree about whetter the postal service was &pdamaged. an armstronn saying quote "the ppotal services wn tudies shoo hat &pphe service benefittd trrmendoosly from itt & sponsorrhip - benefits million."" legal expprts 3 ppinnons. lisswiehl says: "he was fraudulenn with the post offfce, under the false claims whole time and he'' suing othhr people. they absolutely have a case under the false &pclaims act." remi sppecer says: "i ddn't think the usps hhs any real chance of winning a triil. at best they gee a settlement. ttey're oing to money here because the truth is, while anne wassbbing pponsored y the post officc, they were making millions off of him." ((on cam tagg) the ccvil lawwuit was filed -3 byyarmstrrng'' former teammate & floyd landis. underrthe false claimssact... landis -- as a whistle-blower -- can receive a peecennage of money armsttrn
Feb 21, 2013 6:00am EST
childhood oesity is still on he rise in the u.s., and ii s one of the ttpics we''l taakle at he "bmore hhalthh expoo this sattrday at the convention center center onnegroup you will see there is the kids". and joel d. smith is streeming nnw with them... coopetition can be a part of getting your child more active. good morning joel d. dd &p3 3 the b-more heeltty expo returns to baltimore....saturday, february 23rd. can get ealth screenings... see stages of √°live√° entertaanment... a fit expo starts at 10 a-m at the h - &pbaltimore conventiin center. pe'll see you there! p3 the latest internet craze... hits fox44. harlem shake nats (live truck s) ssene)we gave thh harlem shake""oor best hht... and thh resuut is pretty funny. thhs is just a small bit oo what we captuued. captuurd.stay ttned to our 8 o'clock hour.weell air this clip in its wonnt want toommss it! nasa releases new video....of earth last weee. week.what t reveaal aboot its pize... minntts from now. news.. all looal.. all -rning new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. here we go. honey c
Feb 24, 2013 7:00am EST
&phouseeis tuuning overr &padddtiooal e-mails on the u.s -3 consulate attack in - intelligence committee.some of the material has aaready been handed over.reppbliccn 3&phold up the nominntion of john brennan as c-i-a director -3&puutil they receive the e-mails. four americans were killed in -3 the benghazi attack on september 111of last year. 3 the votes are in, and it's official...."twillght: breaking dawn: pprt 2" is the &pbest of the worst..he final 3 statuettts, including worst razzii awards.the razzies aat as an antidote toothe oscars by cellbrating the worst ii -3 cinema every year, withhwinner ccosen by emailed ballots from sandler in "that's my boy" and pihaana's big-screenn ebut ii 3 3 what does it takk to make - baltimore?? braadi proctor shows you this week's champion & of courage, ray lucas and how his group, 100 black mmn ii offering hope and guidance to hundredssof young people. &ppeople. &&p33 pn the campus of morgan state university... tte olleeiatt 100 are determined o make a difference... by helping otters succeed. 32:18 we havv 3 token prrorams that we uttliz
Feb 20, 2013 6:00am EST
&pmornnng. 9< meet texas senator ted cruise. we have got a job and right now the u.s. senate is the battlefield. they are calling you a gop rock star. i try to pay very little attention to the media. my focus is on trying to make a difference for the principle that is make this country strong. cbn's david brody one on one with texas senator ted cruise. on "the 700 club" wednesday 33 p3 new this orning... more than - a dozen are injured nn two peoole missing, after aa exxlosion sparked a four larm fire in kansas city, missouri. rippinn through jj's restaurant.about 100 firefighters battled thh fire. missouri gas energy believes a 3 gas line uuderground.there's no definite word on when tte 3 a hearing to determine if drew peterson gets a newwtrial resumee ttday.his attorneys says his former representationn failed to properly defend hii judge says he'll go straiggt to sentencing if he rejects the motionnfor rettiallthe 59--ear-old peterson as convicted of killing his third &pwife, kathheen ssavio.he was -3 also suspected in the disappearrnce of his fourth wiie, stacey peteeson. 33& new
Feb 1, 2013 6:00am EST
the same as it was in 1950... a secreatary. the u.s. census says about pour million wookkrs fell under the categorr of -3& secreearies and dministrative &passistantt between 2006 and 2011.96 perrent of them weee haven't changed much in the last 60 yeers...rouuding out teaahhr, nurrseand nursing - aide. 3 the americaa for a -3 good friday... but wear know it's purplee i know it's purple friday... but wear red for ggod cause.the american & day of reddannette fisher from american heart associition joins us for this &pmornings hooetown otspot. - tell us about the national healthy things can we learn?- &pstart? 3&pnational wear red 3 pastly different and very emotional views on gun control & onncaptial hill.a heated debbteethat many believe ill maae passage of aay gun pontrol leeislation challenging.represennattve 3 wwighhinn--the white ouse and maay democrrts - want to ban assault weapons, limii ammunition magazines to 10 rounds and mandate universal backgrounndchecks... wiil this - the ra sayysmore school security and mental heaath resources aae needed... do you aggee...--
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5